Who are we

New Life Worship Center is affiliated with The Church of God out of Cleveland, Tennessee. Our purpose is to spread the eternal love of our savior Jesus Christ. We take pride in being a home for the broken and wondering; to love and nourish the soul just as Jesus called us to do. Their message will always be the cross and the salvation and peace that comes from being committed to Jesus!

Our pastors have spent many years studying the word, following in the foot steps of Jesus, and welcoming the lost into the loving embrace that God has to offer. They strive to live each day loving everyone as Jesus has loved them. They know all too well what it means to be broken, down trodden, and tossed to the side. However, in the same way they know pain, they also know the love, grace, and mercy that flows from the throne of the Father because of the sacrifice made at the cross!

our pastors:
Pastor Robert Beall at the Hat and Glove Drive 2018
Pastor Theresa Beall singing praise and worship

Director of Praise and Worship

Associate Pastor


Rev. Clinton Stevens
New L.i.f.e.
worship center
   church of god



7798 Lincoln Way East

Fayetteville, PA 17222

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