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Making a Difference through tithes and offerings

We ask that you give as the Lord has blessed you. All offerings are appreciated and go toward the up keep of the church and the out reach of our ministries into the community. We take offerings in the form of food as well so that we may feed those who are less fortunate. We just encourage you to give with a loving heart so that you may be blessed and know that you are making a difference in the lives of many each and every day. Whether you are helping to keep the lights on or making sure that no stomach goes unfilled by not only nutrients but by the word of God, you make a major difference. God notices those who give selflessly and blesses every seed that is sowed into His kingdom!

ways you can donate:



Tithes and offerings can be made every church service or by stopping in during church hours.



If you prefer to not stop in and visit, checks can be sent to our address and be made payable to New Life Worship Center or NLWC.


Coming soon we will be offering options for you to make tithes and special offerings online. Check back soon for this update!

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